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Cinnamon's Photography and Mike's Sports Photos are now the new Majestic Images Photography. 


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I got my first camera when I was a sophomore in high school.  It was the best Christmas present.  I took my first photography class then and decided right away that I wanted to be a portrait photographer.  When I went to college I majored in marketing.  I was still interested in photography but didn't know how to get into the business.  I wanted to do fine portraiture, not assembly line photography.  Along with my marketing classes I took photography classes every semester while in college.  My photography teacher gave me a job as a sales person in his studio.  I really learned a lot there watching the photographers work, but I never got to touch a camera while there.  So I left and went to work for Olin Mills where I learned and studied more.  I left my job there when my family re-located.  In our new town there wasn't anywhere to get a photography job.  All the studios here were family owned and operated.  So I spent four years working in a video store.  Always with a dream of having my own studio,  I still did a little work here and there.  Weddings for friends and aquantances.  A few seniors who couldn't afford the high prices of the other photographers in town.  When we bought a house I made sure it had a place to set up my studio.  When the video store I worked for closed I decided it was time.  I maxed out all our credit cards and depleted our savings to get my studio built.  The images you see on this site are the product of all my hard work and the help and support of my family and friends.


Cinnamon Davidson

Sullivan Missouri